The Chippewa Valley - Catching Faith Connection

It all started when local, Andrea Polnaszek was asked to join Alexandra Boylan and John Graham to write a faith based script.  The movie was literally born and bread in Chippewa Falls. During the winter months of 2014, the writers would meet in various local eateries:  4:30 AM Coffee and Lucy’s Deli and work out scenes. But, when Chippewa Valley community members heard this, they brought their gifts and talents by the truck load.  Literally offering what they had:  their homes and businesses as locations, lodging for actors, a gator, and in-kind donations like an RV for comedy star Bill Engvall.  June 2014, Catching Faith was made in the Chippewa Valley.  August 2015, Catching Faith premiered to sold out crowds at the Micon Downtown Theater in Eau Claire. Over 500 community members appeared on the silver screen in the film.  After three weeks of showings the movie had sold more tickets than any other movie in the history of Mike and Connie Olson owning the theater.


LET’S DO IT AGAIN!  Today, almost four years later we hope to do it again.  Catching Faith spent two years streaming on Netflix, and is currently for sale at and Amazon.  It has reached an international audience including a special Movie Tour in Cuba, September 2017.  We believe there is more story to tell and want to invite you to be a part of bringing the production of Catching Faith 2 back to the Chippewa Valley.